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Click on the image link above to read why you should consider making a quid pro quo dontation to 1979Visions.Com

All montage prints displayed at 1979Visions.Com are only obtainable by way of your Quid Pro Quo Contributions to 1979Visions.Com -- All Quid Pro Quo contributions to 1979Visions.Com contributions are:


The benefits of your Quid Pro Quo Donations to 1979Visions.Com far exceed any and all tax deductions that one might normally receive when they make a donation to any 501 C charity organization.

Please refer to the excerpt from the U.S. IRS tax code displayed below and the detailed notations appended there in for details regarding your non-tax deductable quid pro quo contributions to 1979Visions.Com



All quid pro donations made to 1979Visions.Com will eventually be processed through National Transaction Corporation sometime in 2019 with 'Donate' buttons provided by Authorize.Net or very possibly some other reputable online payment gateway company such as 'e Pay', Cyber Source, etc.

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In the meantime anyone wishing to make a quid pro quo donation to 1979Visions.Com and receiving an honorarium gift in return will have to follow the few simple steps I have listed below.

How To Make A Quid Pro Quo Donation To

And Receive The Poster Print Of Your Choice

1. First, please click on the links below and read the Terms & Conditions and Shipping Details to make sure that they are acceptable and applicable to you. Please Note: 1979Visions.Com does accept quid pro quo donations from residents of
Alaska, Hawaii or Nevada at this present time.

Terms & Conditions _________Shipping Details


2. Contact 1979Visions.Com by e-mail, phone or text message.

79westbrook@ProtonMail.Com _____(702) 592 - 2819

Include the following information:

The name of the montage you wish to order. Example '1979 Title Page Montage'

Now select the size: 'Mini', 'Standard', 'Large' or 'Mega'. Be sure to add the quantity if you wish to order multiple montage prints from 1979Visions.Com.

Include your name and the address which you wish to have montage print shipped to and if you are a resident of that State as you may wish to have your order shipped to a separate address other than your own. he

PLEASE NOTE: 1979Visions.Com does not accept any quid pro quo contributions from residents of the States of Hawaii, Alaska or Nevada as 1979Visions.Com does not ship any montages there to those three States.

3. 1979Visions.Com will send you a reply e-mail with all the specifics of your quid pro quo request, very similar to an invoice.

This will include designated name of the montage print you wish to order followed by the size. (All Highlghted in red.)
The measurement in inches. (Highlighted in green.) This will be followed by in Dollars as it applies to the poster montage you have selected.

In this same e-mail 1979Visions.Com will also send you the correct e-mail address associated with the bank account that will enable you to send the correct amount of the quid pro quo donation required for the poster montage you have selected using the Zelle payment feature provided by most all of the major U.S. Banks or by other similar online payment methods such as Square Cash.

4. Send your reply e-mail 1979Visions.Com with the address that you wish to have your montage selection or selections shipped to and then send your quid pro quo donation using Zelle, Square Cash or some other similar online payment service. Click of the
e-mail link below or use smart phone or other mobile devices.






Removing prints safely from 1979Visions.Com shipping tubes

Remove the marked end cap and pull up the pull tabs on the inside of the shipping tube.

If the shipping tube is clean and undamaged -- you may use the tube, like a rolling pin to roll out the curl from the prints you have received from 1979Visions.Com on a level surface*.
( e.g. a table top covered with a beach towel )



Safely Rolling & Repacking Your Print From1979Visions.Com Back In It's Tube



'On The Fly' Mounting Of Montage Prints From 1979Visions.Com Using 2 Sided Tape

The print quality and sturdiness of the 100 lb. paper used for the montage prints from 1979Visions.Com afford one the option of using two sided tape to mount their montage prints on a number of irregular surfaces, as well as flat walls in a few quick and easy steps.




“The subversion of America will not come from foreign soil but from within this country.”

Reasons You Should Consider Making A
Quid Pro Quo Donation To1979Visions.Com

The tumultuous, unprecedented historic circumstances and events of the 1970's chronicled in "1979" / are presented in a true light, not filtered through the 'mish mash' of goverment-military, media psy-ops mass disinformation that all too often appears on the nightly news televisied evenings and other so called 'mainstream' (corporate) media outlets.

These 'mainstream' (corporate) media outlets rake in hundreds of billions of dollars year in, year out for popping out media hyped propaganda, which in many cases distorts the facts and reports only half truths or fractional amounts that best suits the political whims and profit margins mega media conglomerates, and their sponsors such as the military-industrial-complex and other corporate multi-national elitist.

Only one example of this is the fact that the 2019 U.S. Defense Budget is reported to be somewhere around $ 750 Billion Dollars and the U.S.

The 2008 Wall Street gamblers 'bailout' where in largest the U.S. and Global Brokerage and Hedge Fund speculators because they were and are just 'Too Big To Fail'.

This was very unlike the hundreds of millions of American Citizens who had to foot the bill for the 2008 Wall Street 'Bailout' follies and the lootings of Banks, S&L and other financial institutions. Apparently the when the American People go broke, they are just: 'To Small To Care About' in the in the eyes of the U.S. Government and Congress and those corporate entities pulling the strings and holding their leashes behind the scenes in Washington.

Although President Trump has been sued for fraud even before he took office and is apparently guilty as sin for alleged crimes that may well lead to Senate impeachment hearings, if found guilty President Donald Trump would be considered only a petty crook in comparision to former FBI Director, turned Special Investigator Robert Mueller. Mueller the corporate mass media's dashing 'White Knight' on the nightly news exposing Trump's reported payoffs and cover-ups.

Click on the links below to read about Robert Mueller's distinguished and respectable career in and out of the FBI. The FBI has a long standing tradition of treason, assassination and subversion, most notably the assassinations of President Kennedy in 1963 and Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King in 1968.

( Add link to 1975 NY Times Sub Index Pages at ____

Terms & Conditions

All montage poster prints displayed online by 1979Vision.Com are the sole creation of James Thomas Westbrook, the artist and U.S. Copyright holder to each any everyone of the montage poster prints viewable online thereat: 1979Visions.Com

All purchasers are advised to keep copies of their invoice like e-mails and bank statements confirming the authencity of the print, thus making it possible to resell the print or prints, provided they are kept undamaged, as great montage prints have been known to increase in value in time.

1979Visions.Com clearly states any poster purchase may vary as much 0.3 of an inch height or width for purposes of liability from potentially, overly legalistic individuals or those who might wish to create unwarranted difficulties for 1979Visions.Com, a sole proprietorship for any variety of reasons and motives, political or otherwise.

Colors may, or may not vary slightly from the poster image as viewed online from the color settings in your computer, laptop or electronic mobile devices like Apple i Pads, Windows note pads, tablets, smart phones, etc.

1979Visions.Com reserves the right to edit change or modify any of the montage prints viewable online there at it's website.
This said will make note of any such modifications to any of the montage prints posted online as to when any such revisions to any of it's montage prints was last revised.

ALL QUID PRO QUO CONTRIBUTIONS ARE FINAL. -- As there is no way to confirm that the poster print sent out, will be the same one being returned, and once the mailing tube is opened or just what the condition of any poster print might be in: ALL QUID PRO QUO CONTRIBUTIONS ARE FINAL and there will be NO REFUNDS given from 1979Visions.Com.

The exception to this rule being those shipments from 1979Visions.Com have been certified as being Lost or Stolen during shipment. Please click on the link below for details.


James T. Westbrook December 2018


Shipping Details

All shipping and handling charges are included in the price you pay when you place your order at 1979Visions.Com.-- Your montage print order from 1979Visions.Com will be shipped in a high quality mailing tube ranging in size from 13", 25" or "37 depending on the size of montage print you order.

1979Visions.Com declares that most shipments to the 47 contiguous States (Nevada being the sole exception) should usually arrive in 3 to 4 days business days or but it could possibly take as long as 5 to 8 business days from the time payment clears

If overnight or two day delivery time is what you desire, then 1979Visions.Com would suggest that you wait to place your order in about 6 months or so as anticipated delivery times should be greatly optimized by the Spring of 2018, especially for those potential customers who live in the Western United States.

There are also plenty of other high quality montage prints availiable with overnight and two day delivery through Amazon.Com, other online vendors and possibly e-Bay as well, although these art prints wouldn't be anything quite like those sold here online at: 1979Visions.Com.

1979Visions.Com assumes no liabilty or loss in the event the buyer's shipment is somehow delayed longer than the eight business day time period and will wait the additional requisite days necessary to put in a claim for a lost or stolen shipment.

This is about a week to 10 days after the shipment was sent depending on the shipping service, this being Fed Ex, OnTrac Delivery or the U.S. Postal Service.

According to the representives at Fed Ex Ground most deliveries to the Eastern and Southern United States usually take from 3 to 4 days from time it is sent from location in the Western U.S. where 1979Visions.Com is located and 2 to 3 days or so for shipments to the West and Mid-Western U.S.

As sales increase 1979Visions.Com intends to use OnTrac Delivery to those cities, towns and place locations in the Western United States which OnTrac Delivery serves.

Once payment is received by 1979Visions.Com by way of your bank's Zelle payment option, your order will be processed, packaged in a mailing tube addressed and sent to you the buyer, by way of the Fed Ex. OnTrac Delivery or the U.S. Postal Service 1979Visions.Com will send you a follow up e-mail with the name of the delivery service, the date it was shipped and tracking code there to the e-mail address you have provided 1979Visions.Com with.

This will enable you the buyer may follow the progress of your order shipment's route from your smart phone, mobile device or home computer as with most all shipments these days.

At present 1979Visions.Com will primarily use Fed Ex Ground to make shipments to those 47 of the 48 contiguous States that 1979Visions.Com sells montage prints online, the exception being the State of Nevada. -- 1979Visions.Com does not presently sell online to the residents of the outlying States of Alaska & Hawaii.

Sales numbers permitting, in the near future 1979Visions.Com intends to use OnTrac Delivery for most of it's order shipments in the Western States where OnTrac makes deliveries. -- The exceptions being Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii where 1979Visions.Com does not presently sell montage prints.

Special arrangements may be made for the delivery of your order from 1979Visions.Com by way of the U.S. Postal Service In certain instances where the customer expresses the necessity or their preference for the shipment of their order from 1979Visions.Com by way of the U.S. Postal Service.

All request to receive delivery of shipments from 1979Visions.Com by way of the U.S. Postal Service should be made in the prospective purchaser's initial e-mail to 1979Visions.Com.

Not to worry though as the reply e-mail from 1979Visions.Com to you the customer, will clearly state that your shipment will be delivered by either Fed Ex Ground or OnTrac Delivery Service, at which time you the prospective buyer may express your wish via a reply e-mail to use the U.S. Postal Service for the delivery of your montage prints to the address you have specified.
The length of delivery time would most likely be days longer than Fed Ground. -- Additional cost for using Priority Mail may apply.

Reasons for optional delivery of your order from 1979Visions.Com by way of the U.S. Postal Service may be for reasons of simple customer preference or possibly out of necessity in the event that the address for the order you have given 1979Visions.Com is one of those cities, towns or place locations that Fed Ex Ground or OnTrac Delivery does not serve. -- These would be rare instances indeed.

In such instances 1979Visions.Com will have to inquire from those prospective buyers indicating a preference or a necessity for
delivery of their order by the U.S. Postal Service, to specify what class mail they want it sent buy, whereas priority mail is considerably more expensive than Third Class or bulk. -- Such options may result in possible delayed delivery and or possibly additional shipping charges, which 1979Visions.Com will have to inform all prospective buyers of, prior to their purchase of a poster montage print from 1979Visions.Com.


1979Visions.Com is a sole proprietorship and strongly advises that the delivery address for your montage print purchase, will be an address where you the purchaser or a family member or friend will be able to recieve the shipment prompty after it's arrival.
In some cases the address or a neighbor or other individual you can trust will suffice to take secure delivery of your shipment.

A work address or a location such as a mailbox service outlet may suffice. -- What with the rise of home delivery thefts from the doorsteps and front porches across the U.S. these days, one should make sure that the shipping tube containing your montage print or prints delivered to your home or workplace will not be left outside unattended.

As the time and expense involved in ascertaining lost shipments cost time and money for 1979Visions.Com advises that you the
purchaser follow these few simple steps to avoid the loss or theft of your order shipped. -- 1979Visions.Com reserves the right to
refuse all future orders to those customers whose order shipments are repeatedly lost or stolen.


Should your item or items that you have ordered from 1979Visions.Com become lost or stolen1979Visions.Com will put in a claim with the respective delivery service involved, this being Fed Ex Ground or OnTrac delivery service, both which have excellent ontime delivery records and effective procedures in place to quickly ascertain whether your shipment is lost, stolen or simply misplaced.

This may take up to a few weeks or so. -- Not to worry though as the shipment delivery loss rates at both Fed Ex Ground and OnTrac delivery service are a mere tiny fraction of a fraction of one percent, if even that much at all.

In the exceedingly rare and unlikely event that you the buyer's order from 1979Visions.Com has been determined to have been actually been lost or stolen, 1979Visions.Com will put in a claim for the declared value with the respective delivery involved, this being either Fed Ex Ground, OnTrac Delivery Service or the U.S. Postal Service.

After certification by the respective delivery service used by 1979Visions.Com to deliver a customer's order, that the order has been lost, stolen or damaged a full refund will be given those purchaser's who placed the order that has been determined lost or stolen by said shippers there in a timely manner.